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Monday, October 01, 2001 

Surrealism: A Fish

“Poetry must be made by all. Not by one.”

“Imagination is the reality of tomorrow.”
—St. Pol-Roux

It doesn’t matter what critics say. Like the Coelacanth—declared dead by critical minds while it went on swimming far away from their muddle—surrealism swims and breathes! In Prague, Paris, Stockholm, Leeds, Chicago, and elsewhere, surrealism animates itself through groups and individuals. The frozen ink of academia and the repressive cynicism of conformity can’t deny you the capacity to transform and reinvent your life.

We are waiting for you. Our ambition is to make a surrealist presence in Portland by way of collaborative creation/revelation, and through a collective loathing of what culture has made itself: a fossilized vat of distilled boredom that works in opposition to life and the environment rather than reflecting them. We intend to exalt life through the sharing of dreams and ideas, hallucinations and intoxications, experiments, chance encounters, and more.

This is an attempt to start a conversation. Talk to us Thursday nights around 7:30pm at the Red & Black Café (22nd & Division).

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