Thursday, October 25, 2007 

The Termite Colony

Water colored turtles bask in useless abandon

Luminous chocolate spirited away
The purple Shetlander adrift in ennui

Hers was a tragic compulsion to laugh whilst shopping

Something extraordinary is stalking me
And you sit there listening to Burmese operas you
don’t quite like

A little star dust paints my way into your pink
Seven over twelve curved nimbles

Shimmery sand hill cranes dance for mates beneath the
gibbous moon
Nothing eyes, everything sunglasses

Beatific turquoise tears glisten in that termite

The sudden appearance of her infrared appendage caused
a change in the flight migrations of spotted hippos
across North America

This place smells of Eustacian tubes

FN Brill, MK Shibek, Nova Dawn

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