Saturday, April 28, 2007 

Latent News

These texts were composed using a technique of word collage in which lines or phrases from a newspaper were removed from their original context and rearranged to reveal a latent content.

Ask An Empty Box

Ask an empty box to give happiness. It is space-oceanic trousers—the new worlds. I repeat, I'm a good question. Do you eliminate big squeak? I have the face of bark. Cover two sanity autographs with upset comic books for the rest of fine advice. That question does no lost spaceship.

Romantic Molehills

Hold your head like spring violets. Avoid belongings during leisure confusion. Find high winds enthusiastic. You won't leave wasted roses beneath a helping hand. Remain lion tango focus chatter, almost fresh magpies. This is the time to smell up and down mountains. Enticed romantic molehills are the best misunderstanding.

Below The Snowstorm

Largely devoid of huge mosquitoes, neighbors descended on clouds eclipsed in the sixth bassoon diamond. The black draft of the lake's insects becomes modest rolling crane. Evening war embraced our necks and locals were vague early arrivers. Below the snowstorm, air shows significantly integrated express plasma.

Oregon Employement Gets Prison

Oregon employment following an eight-year campaign gets prison. Significantly more money surprises analysts. Yet to be determined, other aquatic life, a severe storm, more profitable than new manufacturing, similar to antifreeze. It encounters habitat early Monday, and will buy “everybody who had” found $4000, tougher median income de-icing water quality violations. A possible local slowdown nearly four times the tsunami might increase slipped years.

MK Shibek

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