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Thursday, August 09, 2007 

On Ice

On July eleventh I dreamed I was in a scene featuring a frozen woman and a telepathic fox. The woman was laying on the ground in a thick layer of opaque ice, while the fox seemed to be narrating comic-book panels with its mind. In these panels which I was reading or hearing, the fox suggested someone drill a small hole towards the woman's breathing area so he could lick or bite the rest of the ice away and possibly revive her. As this was going on, I realized I didn't know where I was. I looked in the sky only to see many boulders and flat rocks slowly floating by high above. Other planets were visible on the immediate horizon.

Later at work, while thinking about the dream, I looked at a local entertainment weekly to see an article about a man who'd killed his lover and for some time kept his body covered with ice and frozen food packages in the bathtub. Eventually the killer went to the police, said he was off his medications, had been using alcohol and meth, and "wanted to do the right thing." The frozen body was discovered and the man was arrested.

MK Shibek

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