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Tuesday, January 09, 2007 

Internally Yours: Poems by Brandon Freels

Close your eyes and open:
I am internally yours
Walls within locust words
Close your eyes and open this grave
The architects built my life

Live here for a while
Geometrical figure
Lying mouth to mouth
Upside-down the piano growls
A little milk in your eye

The snake rising from
Immense forests of secrets
I was thinking of her
And asked you to spend the night
Falling into the closing mouth

Empty coffins sweat
What were you escaping from?
Chaotic lightening
No one will notice your hair
Emerging from the white chill

If the world is real
Swallow their throats until they gag
Surrounded by night
The architects use God’s ghost
It’s been years since your genial bed

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