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Thursday, June 06, 2002 

Ze Rouge!

The Portland Surrealist Group proclaims its utmost resistance to the promotion of aesthetic elitism, drive-by art appreciation, and capitalist idiocy by the First Thursday pimps, not to mention our outrage at their economic bond with the gentrification of the Pearl District. We also announce our absolute lack of confidence in the mechanical and domesticated creativity of Portland’s privileged as they suffer from bouts of estranged snobbery. What explorations of the imagination found within these galleries cannot be amplified a thousand fold by an inspired uprising in the streets?

In solidarity with the street performers and sidewalk outsiders we protest the city’s permit requirement, and long for an unauthorized creative atmosphere with an empowered, revolutionary essence. We dream of endlessly fluxing interactive galleries, and transient celebrations evolving from intoxicating play, impulsively overwhelming streets and cities. We long for the creation of voodoo vandalism and child-like chalk art, and slow dancing in burning churches and bubble baths!

Long live Don Pedro!
All power to the hermetic guerrilla!
It’s time to unleash the autoerotic muse!

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