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Sunday, December 01, 2002 

Preface to Mutiny

The energy of the Pacific Northwest has always inspired us to dream, play, wander, and act as instruments of passion. Unfortunately, we live in a social context dominated by the dichotomy of work and consumption, an imported nightmare that is completely incompatible with the natural drives, the environment, and life beyond survival. This culture of slave consciousness has forced us to exist for the sake of corporate profits, occupying our time with false needs and false identities, estranging us not only from the land but also from ourselves. Together we traverse this maze of coffins, curiously searching for the hidden places inside ourselves and in others, where dreams and pleasures are passionately followed, and poetry manifests itself in life, fracturing the cognitive landscape of surplus repressions.

Only a mutual correspondence between the people and the natural world, in both its physical and psychological sense, can restore the passion to everyday life. The dynamics of this receptivity require a revolution. The natural and interior order is continuously speaking to us.

As a local expression of the international surrealist movement we stand in solidarity with its principle drive for the development of a non-repressive culture, where each individual can explore the widest achievable range of their imaginative and psychological possibilities, realizing the total liberation of the mind, and the restoration of poetic inspiration. In defense of independence, creativity, self-awareness, mutual respect, pleasure, and cooperation, we will always stand against the bourgeoisie, capitalism, artism, the property owner, warmongers, the pigs, patriots, religion, academic sluts, corporations and the monotonies they ooze.

The restoration of real life entails the complete insurgent transformation of this repressive culture. This revolution exists in the service of desire. This revolution is now.

The Portland Surrealist Group

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