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Sunday, December 01, 2002 

In Lieu of Jewels

The word pornography, regardless of efforts made by prudish critics, refers specifically to a commodity fashioned for the exploitation of the (usually male) consumer’s sexual energy. It is the product of an industry that functions in accordance with the conventions of the current capitalist regime, and produces substantial profits for such mainstream corporations as AOL Time-Warner, AT&T, and General Motors. Despite its use as a sexual stimulus this commodity of stylized sexual imagery participates in consumer estrangement by doubling as a surrogate for tangible sexual involvement, creating a state of passivity in the service of Capital, while concurrently subordinating the sexual act to an illusionary representation of repressive mythological proportions.

In contrast, creativity that is truly sexually charged (such as Mansour, Bellmer, Trouille) is an inward dialogue between the creator and the sexual drive, allowing the creator to find pleasure in the erotic phantasmagoric play of their own erotogenic and psychosexual powers. This creative sexual expression is an externalization and exploration of the libidinous levels as they are liberated from socializing forces, retaking their right to speak freely with the conscious.

Brandon Freels

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