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Sunday, December 01, 2002 


When surrealist evidence emerges from the river of thought’s real functioning, the dance becomes like a wave of snakes, nervous magnetism entering the world.

Whether used as a key, poison-tipped arrow, fixed-explosive or battering ram, automatism provokes expansion where the bodymind meets society and itself.

There are no experts here, only inner experience and psychic necessity. These realms are always available even though consciousness is largely controlled by memory’s forms of socialized identity, and by capitalist rationality. If the obstacles to love currently have the upper hand, this barrier is semi-permeable despite the efforts of control specialists.

Modern surrealist practice includes not only some degree of automatism, but also critiques of the social role of the image, alterations of public space, and much more. As consumerist industries seek to recuperate opposition, new forms of subversive inspiration extend their webs in a lens of Trojan horses. Even those who consciously choose to side with repression are prone to temptation, as the larger reality continually taunts us. A stream of sparks becomes a sudden flood.

Surrealists and their allies capture intrusive moments with fixed or transient mediums and participate in their social presence. This is one doorway to the communism of genius, which unites us with our secret lovers in the mirror glance of mercurial sensation. We are the snakes within the wave and also the wave itself.

MK Shibek

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