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Sunday, December 01, 2002 

The Dice Game

Two or more players roll at least two dice. One should be 20-sided, the other(s) can be six-sided or any other smaller number. The idea is to provoke sentences with the number of words corresponding to what one rolled. This can take the form of a story, social critique, joke, insult, etc. The dice are passed as quickly as possible to keep the clumsy deliberation mechanisms at bay, and a dialogue takes place between the players, who may finish each other’s sentences if they choose. In Portland we used our fingers to count off the words.

The 20-sided die can be used to introduce a chance factor in its relation with the other dice. This is left up to the individual participants. For example, a person rolling a three on the 20-sided die could choose to make three people each say three words even if they did not roll. Spontaneous mathematical configurations could also occur.This game can be quite enjoyable as a pooling of thought, which promotes collective creation in all of its diversity.

MK Shibek

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