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Sunday, December 01, 2002 

Exquisite Corpse Haikus

Mexican daisy
Unearthed by wailing cocoons
You hear the moon moan

Stalking fettered silk
Calls the sea goddess to dream
I’m sleeping backwards

Gusts of dry raindrops
Boil pulchritude and protest
Your shoes in my soup

The tips of your breasts
Swallowing the molten key
Invading the sands

The true gardener
On top of the folding sundial
Melting ghostly chains

In circles of dust
The white rose of my desire
Suicide snowman

I look like a train
Snakelike crawling inner thighs
A beast of Bodmin

Malicious suspense
Overcoat and stethoscope
Undressed in vacuums

Black and red vision
Whose name is conflagration
Eggs laced with raw rabbits

I can choke, old mask
Architect of python love
Abrasive and shattering

Devoid of cherry stems
The future remembers you
In philosophy

A melting tower
Haunted with gathered kiss-thorns
Two days until your death

Gypsy magician
Sharks drink your beautiful mist
Obscene opening

Gypsy Sherred, MK Shibek, Brandon Freels

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